I work in a person-centred way, providing the space and support for you to explore and understand your individual way of experiencing the world, and to find the way forward that is right for you. As we work together you may find that you develop improved self-awareness and self-compassion and feel better equipped to handle future issues. It is really important that you get the help that you need from a therapist that is right for you. The most important thing for you is to feel listened to and supported in a way that you need and ultimately to resolve any issues that may prevent you from living a fulfilling life.

Relationship Counselling in Chelmsford

Relationship counselling is about helping you build, maintain and develop healthy relationships. It can help individuals who have difficulties forming or maintaining relationships, those contemplating marriage, and anyone who is facing challenges in their relationships. These can include siblings, parents and children, and those in romantic relationships.

Are you hoping to improve communication within your relationships? Overcome an issue in your marriage? Do you need support in managing conflict at home or work? We are all members of communities, neighbourhoods, families, school classes, work teams. We are sons, daughters, siblings, wives, husbands, grandparents, friends, business partners and colleagues. If you find that you are struggling within an important relationship to you, let me help you work through the challenge you are facing.

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“It is not the lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.”

– Friedrich Nietzsche

Quality of Life

Our quality of life can often be defined by the value of our associations. We long for the company of others and no matter what personality type we have, our quality of life is improved by experiencing positive, strong and long-lasting relationships. Relationships can be satisfying, supportive, nurturing, loving, generous and much more but they can also be challenging, unsatisfying, dull, and even scary. There are many conflict situations that can, in time, be resolved through relationship counselling.

I Can Help Your Relationship

I can help you work through infidelity/betrayals to help avoid separation or divorce. I can help you improve any important relationship in your life. It may be with your child or sibling, life partner or business partner, colleague or friend. Evidence has shown that most people who come for relationship counselling benefit from it. For some people, this can be the transformation or restoration of their relationship. For others, it may help them resolve an issue, assist them in finding a voice, or, even, enable them to bring their relationship to a conclusion, with the least possible pain and in the most constructive manner.

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